Lung Cancer

About Lung Cancer Disease, Classification of Lung Cancer, Sign and Symptoms of Lung Cancer, Causes and Risk factors of Lung Cancer, Pathophysiology of Lung Cancer, Tests for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer, Treatment of Lung Cancer, Alternative Therapy of Lung Cancer.

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Pathophysiology of Lung Cancer

Cancer is fundamentally a disease of regulation of tissue growth. A normal cell, Its became a cancer cell because a transform cell by mutation and genetic change which causing loss of entire chromosomes and result affected a single DNA nucleotide.

The pathophysiology of lung cancer development is complex and incompletely understood, It will be more than one book to describe mechanisms how the pathophysiology of lung cancer process happened.

This is an image that may give a simple mechanisms about pathophysiology of lung cancer process :

Cigarette smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of all cancer deaths. Especially for lung cancer cases, smoking is hight risk to develop of lung cancer. About 85% of lung cancer cases in men and 75% in women caused by smoking. There are about 38 million former cigarette smokers and about 50 million smokers in the United States today (


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